MAC USER: Note-Taking Apps: An Update

Victoria L. Herring

In the June 2010 issue of GPSolo, I wrote a Mac User column entitled “Note-Taking Applications for Apple Users” ( Seven years is eons in terms of modern technology, so I am revisiting the topic here. Just as I found earlier, it is difficult if not impossible to put together a short article examining all the options for note taking. Therefore, I decided to limit the list a bit. In the sidebar at right are citations to online articles, essays, etc., which provide further information and from which I distilled much of the content of this article. Other excellent places to review the options are the Apple App Store (, which has a separate category for “Get Stuff Done” apps on its front page, the iTunes Store (, which focuses on iOS apps, and, where you can search for note-taking, list-making, or task-management apps, as I did.

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