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By Jeffrey Allen

At long last Apple recently came up with a substantially improved MacBook Pro. I have been waiting for some time to upgrade my aging laptops owing to the fact that I prefer using Apple’s laptops, and Apple waited far too long, in my opinion, to upgrade its laptop line. To be fair, Apple did update its line several times, making relatively minor hardware improvements and, in the not too distant past, released the MacBook. Although the MacBook looks slick and travels well, it lacks the power I want in a laptop. I think of it more as an Internet appliance than a work machine. That said, if all you want is a lightweight travel computer to deal with web browsing, e-mail, a bit of word processing, and maybe some entertainment, the MacBook might well prove the best choice for you. It certainly costs less than the MacBook Pro. Note also that a recent update to the line provided a boost to its power.

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