Mindfulness: A Simpler Way to Alleviate Attorney Stress

By Cheyne R. Scott

It was early January 2016. I had recently returned from Michigan, where I had spent the majority of my Christmas vacation worrying about work. I was working on a monster of a civil rights case and was buried in discovery motions filed by an adversary with whom communications had broken down from professional to curtly tense. That day I was also working on routine motions for two other unrelated cases. Although those motions were not difficult, for some reason, as I sat in my office, I asked myself if walking into traffic would be a better alternative than to continue working that day. I quickly snapped out of it, somewhat shocked by the darkness of my thoughts. I could tell that I was catching a cold that was going around the office and decided I should just go home for the day, sleep it off, and return ready to tackle the work the following day. Instead of sleeping it off, however, I ended up in the ER a few hours later with a stomach virus and severe vertigo. The doctors conducted tests to determine what was wrong and asked whether I was a smoker or addicted to caffeine, but the only question they asked that I could answer yes to was “Have you been experiencing stress or anxiety lately?”

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