GP Mentor

GP MENTOR: Who's on First? Building Your Very Own Team

By Eleanor Southers

Owner of Professional Legal Coaching, Eleanor Southers coaches attorneys across the United States at all stages of their development who want greater success and fulfillment in their careers. She does this on a one-to-one basis in person, by phone, or via Skype, assisting the lawyer to identify issues and create pathways to overcome problems. Eleanor Southers specializes in attorneys who want to make significant changes in their careers. She is the author of Be a Better Lawyer: A Short Guide to a Long Career (ABA, 2014) and is a member of Forbes Coaches Council.


One of the big downsides of being a solo or even in a small firm is the feeling of loneliness. You are head marketer, administrator, lawyer, and probably clean the bathrooms on occasion. Ways to overcome “doing it all on your own” have been discussed, and, especially with the advance of social networking, new solutions are at your fingertips.

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