Road Warrior

ROAD WARRIOR: Choosing an Operating System for the Road

Jeffrey Allen

In the not too distant past, Mac and Windows users treated each other with disaffection and derision. In those days, Windows controlled the legal market, and only a few oddballs (like me) thought the Mac OS (operating system) could work in a legal environment. I have run my law office on the Mac OS since 1985, when I networked 128k Macs using a 10 MB (yes, MB) hard drive as the server because I had some computer-phobic attorneys in the office, and I thought the Mac’s smiley face might put them at ease. Although I have consistently used the Mac OS as the primary OS in my office, I have always kept some Windows machines around to allow me to use certain software not available on the Mac platform and to allow me to test and evaluate Windows-based programs for reviews. Accordingly, I consider myself fluent in both platforms, even though I have a strong preference for the Mac OS.

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