September 01, 2016 GPSolo | Feature

Leading Without Ethics Is No Leadership at All

Benjamin K. Sanchez

When our GPSolo Editorial Board decided to create an issue on leadership, it was obvious to me that we needed to stress ethics. There have been too many examples of failed leadership in recent years, and the common denominator in those failures is a lack of ethical behavior. In my own experience as a lawyer, I have come to recognize that lawyers are automatically expected to be leaders, and yet law schools do a poor job of training law students to take on leadership roles. Even when leadership is taught in law school, the topics center on the technicalities and procedural aspects of leading from a legal perspective. Little time is devoted to the ethical considerations of the various leadership roles of future lawyers, resulting too often in lawyers considering what is legal rather than what is ethical. If given the opportunity by a law school someday, I will gladly teach a semester-long course on leadership. In the meantime, I have undertaken this article to give you a sense of how ethical considerations come into play in leadership.

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