Road Warrior

How to Train Your Dragon

Jeffrey Allen

For some time, I have made intermittent use of the wonders of voice recognition (VR) software. Nuance has been the premier provider of VR software for the last several years, ever since it acquired the Dragon VR engine. Nuance now offers VR software under the Dragon label on both the Windows and the Mac platforms. Although the Windows and Mac versions have substantial similarity, more effort has gone into the Windows versions, which has resulted in the Windows versions reflecting a bit more sophistication and refinement. Most importantly, on the Windows side, Nuance released versions designed for use in the legal profession. The primary difference between the regular and “Legal” versions is the inclusion of a more substantial dictionary that includes legal terminology. Everything comes at a price, however, and the Legal version costs significantly more than the regular version. I always wonder about the trade-off of the time to teach the program the legal terms I normally use and those in the legal vocabulary included in the Legal version. Whether you will get good value for the increased cost of the Legal version depends in large part on the overlap between the provided vocabulary and the terms you regularly use. Higher overlap provides greater value. Lower overlap means lesser value.

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