Chair's Corner

The Chair's Corner: 21st Century Marketing and a Look Back?

David H. Lefton

A recent national legal industry survey found the number-one challenge facing solo and small firm attorneys is acquiring new client business ( Today, there are more lawyers per capita than at any time in the past, and even though there is a greater need for legal help than in simpler times, competition for new business has increased rather dramatically. According to ABA statistics, in 1975 the U.S. population was 216 million, and there were 405,000 lawyers (1 attorney for every 533 people); in 2015 the U.S. population was 318 million and there were 1.3 million attorneys (1 attorney for every 244 people). In addition to more attorney competition, online resources are growing, further increasing competition for new business. LegalZoom, for one, reportedly has served more than 3 million people. Based on these statistics, effectively marketing your law practice in the 21st century may be critical to your firm’s success.

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