April 01, 2016 Mac User

MAC USER: When Should You Hire an IT Professional?

Victoria L. Herring

Since I have been using Macs from their inception in the mid-1980s and tried to learn as much as possible about the hardware and software involved in Apple machines over the years, I tend to do a lot of my own technical work. However, even so, there are times when you can and should call in a pro—either because it’s a better use of your time and money to hire a professional or because you really don’t know the answer. So I asked John Moder of Crisp Solutions, LLC (jmoder@crispsolutions.net, 515/423-0160, crispsolutions.net), a local IT professional here in Des Moines, Iowa, how to judge when the time is right to hire a pro to do the work. He had some useful insights for solos and small firm practitioners.

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