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Ready Resources When Things Go Wrong

Searching for additional resources to help you out when things go wrong? Take a look at the ABA publications below and check out the helpful links to website resources hosted by the GPSolo Division and the ABA. To order any of the products listed below, call the ABA Service Center at 800/285-2221 or visit our website at shopaba.org.

Be a Better Lawyer: A Short Guide to a Long Career

By Eleanor Southers (ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division; 2014; 5150473; $39.95; ABA member price $33.95; GPSolo member price $29.95)

This book will help you assess your legal career and pinpoint what you might want to change. It will then assist you in determining how to make those changes and plan for the uncertainties of the future.

Being Prepared: A Lawyer’s Guide for Dealing with Disability or Unexpected Events

By Lloyd D. Cohen and Debra Hart Cohen (ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division; 2008; 5150423; $104.95; GPSolo member price $89.95)

This essential workbook and guide will help you protect your law practice against casualty or other unexpected events.

The Business of Law, Third Edition

By Edward Poll (ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division; 2014; 5150466; $149.95; GPSolo member price $135.95)

This updated third edition outlines the fundamentals of running a successful law firm in practical, clear, and concise terms, simplifying the mystical process of operating a law practice so that anyone can be more effective with his or her clients and become more profitable.

Effectively Staffing Your Law Firm

By jennifer j. rose (ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division; 2009; 5150434; $89.95; GPSolo member price $75.95)

Although staff can help you bring in more profits and clients, ineffective supervision can cost you money. This book provides insight to help guide the many decisions that face a lawyer who is running a firm, whether solo or staffed.

How to Capture and Keep Clients: Marketing Strategies for Lawyers, Second Edition

Edited by jennifer j. rose (ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division; 2015; 5150482; $79.95; GPSolo member price $67.95)

In this new second edition, the best and most innovative solo and small firm lawyers offer their secrets, approaches, and strategies to that age-old puzzle of growing your law firm.

The Lawyer’s Guide to Financial Planning

By Cynthia Sharp (ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division; 2014; 5150471; $69.95; ABA member price $62.95; GPSolo member price $55.95)

This essential resource for any lawyer committed to building and maintaining a strong and secure financial future outlines “need-to-know” information in clear and concise terms and presents an actionable plan that leads to financial success.

Minding Your Own Business: The Solo and Small Firm Lawyer’s Guide to a Profitable Practice

By Ann M. Guinn (ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division; 2010; 5150441; $125; GPSolo member price $99.95)

This book helps you master the key elements of running a small firm, from finance, to marketing, to anticipating clients’ needs—all while practicing law at the same time.

Run Your Firm Like a Business: An Operations Guide for the Solo Practitioner and Small Law Firm

By Frank T. Lockwood (ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division; 2013; 5150462; $79.95; GPSolo member price $65.95)

Stop avoiding the administrative part of the profession and start planning your business strategy as you would your case strategy. Revolutionary systems, how to design them, implement them, and stick to them are all outlined in this helpful guide.

Smart Marketing for the Small Firm Lawyer

By Kenneth Vercammen (ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division; 2014; 5150468; $59.95; ABA member price $53.95; GPSolo member price $45.95)

This book thoroughly explores today’s marketing landscape and outlines its many facets for you in concise and easy-to-understand terms.

Technology Solutions for Today’s Lawyer

By Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene (ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division; 2013; 5150463; $89.95; GPSolo member price $75.95)

Technology poses many challenges and opportunities for attorneys. This book provides detailed information in basic terms to help navigate the challenges lawyers face in keeping abreast of technology and using it as a strategic tool in their practice.

The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook: A Resource for Attorneys, Law Firms, and Business Professionals

By Jill D. Rhodes and Vincent I. Polley (ABA Cybersecurity Legal Task Force; 2013; 3550023; $59.95; ABA member price $47.95)

This handbook offers practical information, guidance, and strategies to lawyers and their law firms on how to defend against cyber-threats; it also provides advice on how best to respond when breached.

Encryption Made Simple for Lawyers

By David G. Ries, Sharon D. Nelson, and John W. Simek (ABA Law Practice Division; 2015; PC 5110792; $69.95)

This book covers everything you need to know about encryption, breaking down the myths of security and putting the power to protect sensitive data in your hands.

Flying Solo: A Survival Guide for the Solo and Small Firm Lawyer, Fifth Edition

By K. William Gibson (ABA Law Practice Division; 2014; 5110760; $99.95)

Revised and updated to meet the needs of today’s legal professionals, this fifth edition is a comprehensive guide to establishing and maintaining a successful solo law practice.

How to Get and Keep Good Clients, Third Edition

By Jay G Foonberg (ABA Law Practice Division; 2009; 5110668; $179.95)

Here are time-proven tips and systems that you can use for long-range and immediate marketing success. This book is not theoretical. It gives you practical information you can put to use right away.

The Lawyer’s Guide to Increasing Revenue, Second Edition

By Arthur G. Greene (ABA Law Practice Division; 2011; 5110728; $79.95)

Ensure your firm isn’t leaving dollars on the table. Here are practical tips and step-by-step plans for evaluating, tracking, and ultimately enhancing your firm’s revenue stream.

Locked Down: Information Security for Lawyers

By Sharon D. Nelson, David G. Ries, and John W. Simek (ABA Law Practice Division; 2012; PC 5110741; $79.95)

Written in clear, non-technical language that any lawyer can understand, this book explains the wide variety of information security risks facing law firms and how lawyers can best protect their data from these threats—within any budget.

Marketing Success: How Did She Do That? Women Lawyers Show You How to Move Beyond Tips to Implementation

Edited by Dee A. Schiavelli and Afi S. Johnson-Parris (ABA Law Practice Division; 2015; 5110794; $49.95)

This book collects interviews with the top women rainmakers on how they succeeded using the most current approaches to marketing and business development.

Passing the Torch Without Getting Burned: A Guide to Law Firm Retirement and Succession Planning

By Peter A. Giuliani (ABA Law Practice Division; 2013; 5110762; $79.95)

This book offers a comprehensive examination of the key economic issues typically encountered by law firms when they consider how partners end their careers, as they inevitably must.

Results-Oriented Financial Management: A Step-by-Step Guide to Law Firm Profitability, Third Edition

By John G. Iezzi (ABA Law Practice Division; 2015; 5110797; $99.95)

Whether you’re a financial novice or veteran manager, this book will help you examine every facet of your financial affairs from cash flow and budget creation to billing and compensation.

The 2015 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide

By Sharon D. Nelson, John W. Simek, and Michael C. Maschke (ABA Law Practice Division; 2015; 5110793; $89.95)

This one-of-a-kind annual guide is written to help solo and small firm lawyers find the best technology for their dollar.

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