September 01, 2015

The Chair's Corner: Advocate and the Court: True Partners in Understanding

Stephen B. Rosales

The last time, perhaps the only time, many of us experienced appellate advocacy in written or oral form was during moot court in law school. My career thus far, in both small and solo firms and in big city, downtown, and suburban settings, has not presented itself with a plethora of appellate opportunities, and I certainly do not pretend to be an “appellate attorney” by trade. However, there have been times that I, and many of us, have been faced with and had to handle the appeals process regardless of what side of the “v” we are on. Many of us will be faced with similar circumstances. We all can do it, of course. Some may be more nervous than others . . . some may be more eloquent than others . . . but we all can do it. After all, as lawyers, we know the facts, legal issues, and implications of our respective cases better than anyone and have the legal training and experience to structure a workable argument. But what separates us from all others? What makes us a good or better advocate?


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