November 01, 2015

The Chair's Corner: Elder Abuse

Stephen B. Rosales

“Are you reelin’ in the years? Stowin’ away the time?” sang Steely Dan in their hit 1972 song. Yes, we are all reelin’ in those years. Much as we may wish or want, time does not stop and, if we are blessed enough, we will live long enough to enjoy our senior years to the best of our ability and with the highest quality of life possible.


The U.S. Census Bureau estimated in 2013 that more than 44 million of our citizens were aged 65 and older, the largest segment of our society. This number is expected to increase in the coming years as more Baby Boomers age and will soon comprise more than 20 percent of our entire population. This increase in our senior population has been accompanied by a growing shadow: the increasingly common occurrence of elder abuse.

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