May 01, 2015

How to Avoid a (Less than) Spectacular Burnout in Your Law Practice

Shawn Healy

What is one of the most common desires most people have for their career? Even above making the big bucks, it’s having a rewarding job that they enjoy and finding their work meaningful and significant. And what is certain to block the achievement of this goal? The dreaded burnout. No one starts a job with the goal of getting burnt out, yet it happens quite often. The effects of burnout can range from mild (feeling weighed down and depleted of joy) to severe (clinical depression, leaving a career altogether). Given the amount of time and money you have invested in your education and the start of your legal career (dealing with the stress of law school, incurring debt, sacrificing countless hours of your life, passing the bar, finding a job), it makes sense to protect this investment and adopt some simple strategies to avoid burnout. Burnout, by the way, is very preventable.

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