April 02, 2019

To Boldly Go . . . Outsourcing to Virtual Paralegals

Pamela J. Starr

Full disclosure, I’m a Trekkie. So, you may ask, what does that have to do with outsourcing in the 21st century? Well, just about everything. Look around your workspace, what do you see? Devices and gizmos whose creation was undoubtedly influenced by the Star Trek series—flash drives, smartphones, Bluetooth, tablets, computers, Skype, GPS, voice recognition apps, wikis, and so much more. The mobile nature of technology has made it possible for legal professionals to become more self-sufficient and less office-centric. It is technology that allows my imagination to transport me, if only for a nanosecond, light years away from my basement office to the bridge of the Enterprise. The portability of my 21st-century laptop, tablet, smartphone, and Bluetooth provides me with the same mobility and efficiency as a 24th-century Starfleet crew member—technology to effectively complete the job whether at my station or away on a mission.

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