June 01, 2014

THE CHAIR’S CORNER: The Future Is Closer Than You Think

Jennifer A. Rymell

How many times have you thought, “If I knew then what I know now. . .” or, “I did not see that coming”? It is human nature to think about what we would have done differently if we had known what the future held for us. In hindsight we believe that had we known what was coming and could have been more prepared, we would have been able to avoid some of the bad things in life or have taken better advantage of some of the good. Since our first day of law school we have been taught one of the most important parts of being a lawyer is always to be prepared. I think that is why it is so enticing for lawyers as we embark on each new decade to try to predict the future of our profession and hopefully become better prepared for what lies ahead. However, how accurate are we when we look into our crystal ball?

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