June 01, 2014

ROAD WARRIOR: Shades of Nostradamus

Jeffrey Allen

This issue focuses on changes in the practice anticipated in the course of the next several years, taking 2020 as its focal point as a result of the ABA’s earlier focus on that year in setting up its Ethics 20/20 Commission. In keeping with that focus, this column will address the status of road warriors in 2020.

The title of this issue’s column notwithstanding, I do not claim the predictive powers of Michel de Nostradamus. I used to have a crystal ball, but someone dropped it several years ago and it has not worked properly since. Fortunately, however, the handwriting is on the wall respecting mobility and the practice of law, and it does not take a seer or prophet to see the direction of that evolution. Whether or not we all will have become totally mobile by 2020 is really a matter of little concern. The simple fact is that technological innovations in recent years have made all of us more mobile and more efficient while enjoying that mobility. This trend will continue as more and more of the members of our society and our profession are born and raised in the modern technological era. Younger lawyers have a predisposition to adopt more technology and to evolve with the technological advances into a more mobile existence both in their personal and professional lives.

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