April 02, 2019

ROAD WARRIOR: Mobile Technology Helps Everyone

Jeffrey Allen

iPadAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some 50 million Americans live with at least one disability (cdc.gov/features/disabilities). We all know that some disabilities take a greater toll than others on those who have them, but all of them make things more difficult. Some disabilities are relatively easily correctable, often using mobile technology to effect the correction. Others, while not correctible, may have effects that can be mitigated by the use of mobile technologies.

Although we don’t generally think of age as a disability in the same way that we view other conditions, we do recognize that it often imposes physical and mental limitations on people. These limitations include things that we regularly perceive as disabilities, such as impairment of vision, hearing, memory, and mobility, almost all of which will affect most of us as we age. Some people may never suffer from such limiting conditions, but the advancements that make things better for those who do can also benefit those who don’t. Accordingly, advances in mobile technology that can mitigate these conditions have direct and personal significance to all of us.

I will use the rest of this column to share a few of the tricks I have picked up over the years. Some of the things I am going to talk about may seem relatively simple; but the fact remains that they all can make a difference to your practice and to your life in general. Many of these tips will help those with some form of limitation or disability as well as those who are not so impaired.

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