April 02, 2019

ROAD WARRIOR: Retooling the Mobile Lawyer

Jeffrey Allen

A number of years ago I wrote a column about the tool kit I created to facilitate my mobility as an attorney and how I used it—kind of a “let’s unpack the briefcase and see what’s in it” piece. As a result of the positive reception it received and requests that I regularly get from attorneys to provide current information about mobility tools, I have made it a practice to reprise and update the column every several years to reflect the evolution of technology and my implementation of the new technology into my mobility tool kit. The kit seems to evolve progressively more rapidly now than it did in its early years owing, in large part, to the fact that technology appears to advance in geometric rather than arithmetic proportions. One of the really nice things about the trends I have noticed respecting my mobile tool kit is the fact that the size and weight of the kit continue to decrease almost as rapidly as the power of the included tools increases.

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