January 31, 2014


The Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division’s 2013–2014 Nominating Committee consisted of the following members: Alfreda Coward, Richard Evangelista, Scott LaBarre, and Alan Olson; the Committee was chaired by Richard A. DeMichele Jr. The Committee met in person October 3, 2013, and October 4, 2013, at the Division’s Fall Meeting in Lexington, Kentucky. The Committee was charged with nominating a candidate for the office of Secretary and five candidates to serve as at-large members of the Division Council. There was one application for the office of Secretary and 12 applications for the at-large Council positions. All candidates were either interviewed in person in Lexington or via conference call. The committee has nominated the following candidates:

For the position of Division Secretary, the Committee nominates Stephen D. Williams, Law Office of Stephen D. Williams, Flemington, New Jersey. Williams is a successful solo with a practice focused on family law, criminal law, and general litigation. He has been an active member in the ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division (GPSolo) and has previously served as a Council member as well as a Division Director. He has served as Chair or Co-chair of several Division committees, including the Corporate Sponsor Committee and the Strategic Communication Committee. In addition to being active in the ABA, he has been active in the New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA). He previously chaired the NJSBA’s Municipal Court Practice Committee. He has also served as the Chair of the District XIII Fee Arbitration Committee and as a member of the District XIII Ethics committee in New Jersey. Williams is tech savvy and hopes to use his leadership abilities to move the Division’s website into the mobile era.

For the position of Council Member-at-Large, the Committee nominates Travis A. Cushman, Cushman Law Office PC, Great Falls, Montana. Cushman is a solo practitioner and is active in the American Bar Association as well as the State Bar of Montana. His practice focuses on child welfare law, which accounts for more than half of his practice; the remainder entails a traditional general practice. He also serves as a replacement or fill-in municipal court judge. Cushman’s experience as a rural lawyer will benefit the Division and its Council.

For the position of Council Member-at-Large, the Committee nominates Kellye C. Moore, managing partner of Walker Hulbert Gray & Moore LLP, Perry, Georgia. Moore is the only female attorney in her firm of eight attorneys. The firm’s practice includes civil litigation, business law, personal injury, and wrongful death. Moore has been very active in the GPSolo Division. She previously served on the Program Board, the Corporate Sponsors Committee, and the Strategic Communications Committee. Her commitment to solo and small firm practitioners is not limited to the American Bar Association. She has also served on the State Bar of Georgia’s Solo and Small Firm Resource Planning Board.

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