January 31, 2014

ROAD WARRIOR: Getting Started with Mobile Technology

Jeffrey Allen

As we have devoted this issue of GPSolo to getting started and setting up your office, it seems only fitting that the “Road Warrior” column should focus on getting yourself set up as a mobile lawyer. Initially, I want to dispel the misconception that many attorneys have about mobile lawyering. Back in the day, “mobile lawyer” referred to a relatively small percentage of attorneys who dared to endeavor to do work outside of their office, despite the handicaps associated with such an effort. Today, most attorneys will, at times, practice outside of their office environment. Even those who do not think of themselves as working outside of the office nevertheless talk to their clients on cell phones and read and respond to e-mail on smartphones or tablets. To the extent that they practice out of their office, such attorneys have mobile aspects to their practice and benefit from the use of mobile technology.

Practice outside of the normal office environment poses many challenges to attorneys, but modern technology continues to evolve to create greater levels of support for this practice. This article will not endeavor to deal with all aspects of mobile technology for attorneys. Rather, it will focus on the basic tools you will want to explore in setting up your office (or in making yourself more efficient on the road). For those of you interested in a more detailed examination of mobile technology for attorneys, I will reprise in an upcoming issue a piece that I wrote some time ago and update every several years to reflect changing technology. That column will explore the mobile lawyer’s tool kit and deal with serious road warrior activity.

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