January 31, 2014

Ethics Perils of Opening a Law Office

James Ellis Arden

Every now and then, I (like the rest of us) receive what looks like a fancy invitation to some special event, but which only turns out to be the announcement of a new law office being opened by some attorneys I don’t know. My first thought usually is “Why did they send this to me?” Then I read the brochure and look at the pictures. I still don’t know who sent it to me, but I realize I’m on a huge mailing list (not a very exclusive list, obviously).

Of course, these types of announcements are going by the boards. Now, lawyers find it more cost efficient to promote business by having publicists send out “press releases” and exploiting search engine optimization (SEO) techniques on the Internet.

But these kinds of advertising typically begin after new offices are set up. Responses to some types of Internet announcements can be instantaneous. So it wouldn’t help to e-nounce your new offices if you won’t be able to respond immediately to inquiries that follow. This article is about some of the practical and ethical considerations that should be undertaken before opening your new office doors.

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