September 01, 2013

Road Warrior: Data Migration and Synchronization

Jeffrey Allen

This issue focuses on immigration issues. In trying to think of a technology topic that would prove interesting to you, useful, and related to immigration, I concluded that I should talk about data migration and synchronization. Our data crosses state and international boundaries with regularity. As attorneys, we need to pay attention to where we let it roam and how we store it to ensure that we satisfy our ethical obligations to protect client confidentiality. As more and more of us also store our personal data online, our personal privacy and security depend on our paying appropriate attention to these details.

Storing data online has its risks, but if properly done it may be as safe as or safer than carrying it with us on a physical disk or other storage media or on a laptop or other portable device such as a tablet or a smartphone. Having data online also gives us some protection against data loss owing to hardware failure, damage, destruction, misappropriation, or simple loss through inadvertence.

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