November 01, 2013

Road Warrior: You Can Take It with You (on Vacation)

Jeffrey Allen

Along time ago in a far off place, when I started practicing law (1973), taking your case files and documents with you on vacation often meant lugging along a large briefcase made heavier with hard copies of a large number of documents. As if that did not create enough hassle for travel, legal research meant finding a law library near wherever you happened to go, getting there during open hours, and locking yourself up to do some research. Over the 40 years since I finished law school, the world has changed dramatically in almost every aspect. As a society we have grown more aware and more globally oriented. As individuals we now discover and build relationships through different mechanisms (nobody ever heard of Internet dating in the 1970s). Vietnam was a country trying to recover from a devastating civil war, not a vacation destination.

Today, no matter where you choose to travel, whether for vacation or otherwise, taking your information with you has evolved into a simple and easy process. Now, if you want, you can literally take your entire practice (all your cases and case files) with you on the road. Moreover, you can have legal research capabilities on a 24/7/365 basis from any location where you can acquire an Internet connection. Probably almost everyone who reads this column already knows that you can fairly easily take your information on the road these days.

That you can take so much of your work with you so easily comes under the “good news” heading. The bad news is that too many of us too often take too much of our work with us on vacation, making it harder to get the rest and relaxation we need a vacation to provide to us. So, with that word of caution about availing yourself of the techniques discussed in this column, let’s talk about how to best take your information with you.

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