November 01, 2013

2013 Techno-Gift Guide

Over the years, people have come to regard technology as a desirable gift (among our favorites). For certain occasions within specific relationships, you may find it necessary to get your spouse or significant other a more personal gift, but for most holidays, and many relationships, technology offers highly suitable gifting opportunities. GPSolo magazine has published an annual technology gift guide in connection with the holiday season for many years. This year marks a change in that long-standing tradition. No, we have not canceled the guide; we have given it a perspective shift. For most of its existence, the gift guide reflected my (Jeffrey Allen’s) personal views and opinions. Recently, I found an excellent writing partner in Ashley Hallene, and we have just completed writing two books on technology (both of which would, of course, make excellent gift choices): Technology Solutions for Today’s Lawyer (ABA, 2013) and iPad for Lawyers (Thomson Reuters, 2013). Ashley and I have greatly enjoyed writing together. As a result, we decided to co-author the gift guide and, in so doing, share with you our joint perspectives on the best techno- gifts as well as give you the viewpoints of both a male and a female author.

We will share our ideas about technology-related gifts for friends, family, partners, employees, and almost anyone else. Many of the items we discuss will likely prove helpful to you professionally and/or enjoyable additions to your personal life. The items discussed in this article have a price range from less than $20 to more than $1,000. You should find something in this list suitable for almost everyone on your list (including yourself).

In keeping with tradition (and the requirements of the ABA’s legal department), the obligatory warnings:

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