May 01, 2013

GP Mentor: What I Wish I Knew (or Could Do) Earlier about Mobile Technology

Jeffrey Allen

They have asked me to tell you what I wish I knew earlier about traveling with my laptop computer. I can sum it up in one sentence: Leave it home most of the time.

I have a (not undeserved) reputation for living on the bleeding edge of technology. At heart, though, I consider myself somewhat old school (I still like and use fountain pens). When I started practicing law, the laptop computer had not yet been invented and Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had not even built the original Apple computer. Who would have thought that a mere 40 years later, we’d have passed out of the PC age and into the tablet age.

I carried laptops of decreasing size and weight around with me for about a quarter of a century. Although they have grown sleeker, lighter, and vastly more powerful, we now have other options. When I first got an iPad, I thought of it more as a toy than anything else. A great and glorious toy, but still a toy that might have some business applications.

Then I found myself using the iPad more and more (and my computer less and less), particularly when I traveled. I first noticed the shift while on airplanes, flying to and from my destination. Next, I noticed that I left the laptop in the hotel safe a lot and used the iPad instead.

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