May 01, 2013

Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

There are travelers who never leave home without travel insurance. Others feel it’s a waste of money and they’re going on the trip “no matter what!” This reminds us of the old phrase, “Penny wise, and pound foolish.”

We use to feel like used car salespersons when selling travel insurance. We don’t anymore. Yes, clients still tell us that they don’t need it. They think we are only trying to push more products and make them spend more money. This just isn’t the case. In the course of our careers, we have seen the worst-case scenarios, so we highly recommend insurance for our clients’ benefit, not ours. Yes, we do make a commission on the sale, but it’s minimal compared to the hundreds or thousands of dollars the client can lose. It saddens us to see them lose their money, as these days, without insurance, you are out of luck. Travel suppliers have no sympathy if you need to cancel, become ill during the trip, lose your luggage . . . and don’t have insurance coverage. With travel insurance, financial recovery is ensured as long as proper documentation is provided and all specified conditions are met.

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