March 01, 2013

Road Warrior: Hey, You, Get Off of My Cloud!

Jeffrey Allen

Although the substantive issues that you will deal with in various niche practices may differ, most, if not all, practices share a great many commonalities. Technology ranks high among the areas shared by most law practices. In today’s world, we have evolved to the point where we use multiple pieces of technology in our work and our personal lives. The nature of the technology we use dictates a need to share information among these devices.

As a practical matter, most of us already use the same information over more than one piece of technology. We use smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Many of us use multiple computers. No matter which piece of our technology we use, we want our information available to us. Accordingly, we need to have ways of synchronizing our data among our devices. We need to ensure the currency of our information and that we always have the most recent information on whatever device we happen to use at any particular time.

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