March 01, 2013 Product Review

Acrobat XI for the Mac

Jeffrey Allen

This marks the third iteration of Adobe Acrobat for which David Masters and I have conspired to create a review addressing the program in general and also the Macintosh version. As has been our practice, Dave’s primary emphasis is a general discussion from a Windows-centric perspective, while I approach from a Mac-centric perspective. By way of background, I have run my office on Macs since 1985, so I have a bit of history with respect to that platform.

I will start with Dave’s conclusion. I agree completely with the proposition that Acrobat XI represents an incremental upgrade or, as I am fond of saying, it is evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. Nothing that you will find in Acrobat XI for Windows or the Mac will likely blow you away as a new and different form of the technology. Rather, you will notice that the program generally works better. Mostly I believe this reflects refinements and finesse in the development of some of the features, although this iteration does include some new and different features by comparison to earlier versions.

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