March 01, 2013

Animal Law

Adam P. Karp

More than 100 million Americans love and rely on animal companions—and are willing to pay for services calculated at bettering the lives of those animals. The veterinary profession has acknowledged that among those inclined to regard animals as close family members, demand for veterinary care remains price-insensitive (e.g., a person willing to spend $1,000 on a surgery for an ailing cat will likely spend twice or three times that sum without choosing euthanasia or forgoing the procedure). This commitment toward providing medical care of nonhuman family members transfers to legal care as well.

For the past 14 years I have evaluated more than 3,000 animal law cases, litigated and consulted on animal cases exclusively, tried or arbitrated two dozen, taken more than 100 depositions, argued hundreds of dispositive motions, and lodged close to three dozen appeals, with matters in bankruptcy, federal district, and state courts of limited and general jurisdiction. I have found financial success, spiritual affirmation, emotional satisfaction, intellectual stimulation, and respect among my colleagues by taking the following types of cases, any of which can supplement—or consume—your practice.

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