July 01, 2013

New Backup Options to Protect Your Work

Wells H. Anderson

Why do so many attorneys pay so little attention to their backup systems? Perhaps for the same reasons that we don’t update our wills: It is unpleasant to think about our own death or about possible computer disasters. Both seem remote, not urgent.

You can spare yourself and others a great deal of grief by updating your backup systems. You may not be able to avoid a computer crash or other disaster, but you can greatly minimize the consequences with today’s backup technologies.

Backup technologies have improved significantly in the last several years. Although the key concepts for protecting your priceless files remain the same, you now have better and less expensive options to:

  • Ensure that your files and your livelihood are safe; and
  • Reduce the cost, frustration, and time for recovering from computer disasters.

When reviewing your computer backup systems, it is natural to focus narrowly on making sure everything important is backed up. But that is only half the solution. The other half is getting everything back from the backups. Fast. You can’t recover fast if you have backup tapes or Internet downloads that take hours, or days, to complete the process of restoring files.

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