July 01, 2013

MAC USER: Planning for the (Digital and Physical) End

Victoria L. Herring

The topic of this issue of GPSolo is “Retirement Plan-ning and Elder Law,” and as I am myself moving toward retirement (if not exactly an elder), I thought this would be a good time to do some research on the idea using my Mac. I also researched relevant applications and resources within the Apple universe.

Your Digital Estate

As we age, or as we come into contact with the disability or death of those close to us, we become more aware of the need for making plans for our own disability or death. It’s not a pleasant topic, but the more intricate our lives become, the more it needs exploration. I asked some Mac-using friends about issues they had encountered in similar situations, and they shared some enlightening tales of problems created when no one is the recipient of information needed to gain access to essential data.

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