January 01, 2013

RŌNIN REPORTS: The Upside of Down

Tiffany Provence

Welcome to our new column addressing the concerns of solos and small firm lawyers: “Rōnin Reports,” named after those samurai who set out on their own as free agents without a master. Please let us know what you think of our column, and tell us if there are any topics you’d like us to address here. You can e-mail us c/o Jeffrey Allen, Editor-in-Chief, at jallenlawtek@aol.com.


I am not really sure what practicing law in a good economy even looks like. After more than a decade on the bench, I made the decision in late 2007 to retire and open a small firm. By the time my successor was elected and I was free to fly solo, the economy was in shambles and I found myself with no choice but to move forward in building my dream during this nightmare recession. At the very time I was opening my doors, you couldn’t pick up a publication or navigate an online news resource without discussions of the economy and its impact on small businesses, including law firms. Years later, we’re still discussing the economy and its impact on how we do business. Below is some of the advice I received (and actually followed) years ago that has truly made an impact on the success of my firm.

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