September 01, 2012

Road WarriorR: The Changing Face of Mobility

Jeffrey Allen

I love doing a retrospective. When I was a young lawyer, my mentor and employer had 38 more years of experience than I did. He used to love telling us about how the practice of law had changed since he first hung out his shingle. Last December I observed the 38th anniversary of getting sworn in as an attorney. I figure that type of longevity gives me certain storytelling rights.

Working as a mobile lawyer in the 1970s bears little resemblance to the mobile practices of today. I will explore those differences with you, as the discussion will help you appreciate how much better we, as mobile lawyers, have it now than we did 40 years ago. I will also don my Nostradamus cap for a few paragraphs and prognosticate about how we can expect to see mobility in the practice change in the near future.

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