May 01, 2012

Time for a Rainmaking Coach?

Ellen Ostrow

Rhea’s solo immigration law practice had been very successful for a while. When business dropped off during the recession, she wasn’t all that surprised. However, as she saw the practices of colleagues begin to pick up, she became concerned. Why was the work she’d been getting before no longer coming to her?

After seeing me speak at a conference for solo and small firm attorneys, she called me to discuss how I might help her revive her practice. During our initial phone consultation we discussed the history of her practice. It became clear that she’d never really considered her ideal practice or how to market it. Like many solo attorneys, her practice had become defined reactively by the kinds of clients who had come to her. Not all of them were able to pay her fees. Many were individuals seeking assistance rather than employers. She realized the need to take a step back and proactively brand and market her practice, and we agreed to work together.

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