May 01, 2012

Road Warrior: Does Every Cloud Have a Silver Lining—for Marketers?

Jeffrey Allen

As this issue focuses on rainmaking, I want to spend some time exploring with you the evolution of our use of mobility tools to facilitate our rainmaking activities. As most of you have some familiarity with the process of using mobility tools to garner, serve, and impress clients and potential clients, I will only mention that briefly, in order to get to the real focus of this column, the risks of this practice.

Please understand from the onset, I have no intention of trying to talk you out of using mobility tools to service your clients or to try to impress them or to try to get some new clients. I do intend, however, to try to convince you to use a healthy dose of caution in the process of doing that as the process can carry with it considerable risk of breaching confidentiality or unwittingly releasing information to the dark side, or at least to marketers (assuming for purposes of argument that marketers do not generally reside on the dark side).

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