May 01, 2012 Dispute Resolution

Neuroscience and Negotiation

Richard Birke

Neuroscience is everywhere. A search in’s book section for the word neuroscience yields more than 13,000 entries. A similar search of National Public Radio’s Internet archives shows more than 3,300 stories on the workings of the brain. Neuroscience has attracted fans from far outside the scientific community and from vastly divergent areas of life.

Some dispute resolution professionals (myself included) are clear that lawyers have a great deal to gain from the study of the brain. The Social Science Research Network has a Law and Neuroscience eJournal, which has resulted in more than 18,000 downloads, so others must also see a useful connection.

In an effort to guide the curious lawyer in the search for the relevant and precious needles secreted in the haystack of thousands of books and articles that have flooded the market, this article describes three findings below, chosen from many dozens of good candidates.

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