March 01, 2012

Road Warrior: We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Jeffrey Allen

I find it truly amazing that the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division (first called the Section of General Practice) came into the ABA a half century ago. I would say that it seems like only yesterday, but it really doesn’t. Even though I have been around the Division longer than almost everyone currently active in it, I did not start practicing law until 1973. For those of you who suffer from math issues, this means I will observe my 39th anniversary as an attorney this year. I will also observe the 39th anniversary of my membership in the Section (now Division) this year.

As the Section came into existence the same year I started high school, I cannot attest to personal knowledge of the issues affecting mobile lawyers in 1962. But as someone who has had a keen interest in technology since before I started high school, I do know the state of the art in the days of carbon paper and typewriters. As someone who actively worked as a mobile lawyer from 1973 to the present, I can track most of the evolution of the technology of mobile lawyering through the personal experiences of my own career.

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