July 01, 2012

Sites For Sore Eyes: 60 Sites from ABA TECHSHOW

Jim Calloway

Every spring the ABA TECHSHOW brings to Chicago a large group of lawyers, law students, technology consultants, product reviewers, vendors, and law firm IT staff. It is a whirlwind of activity, and one might assume that by the end of two and one-half days of the intense focus on technology, everyone would be tired and ready to head home. Many of the attendees may well be tired, but there’s always a packed house for the traditional final session of ABA TECHSHOW: 60 Sites in 60 Minutes.

You wouldn’t think that a program covering 60 websites would be such a huge draw. After all, the conference’s planning board generously makes the list of sites available a few days after the show, even to those who did not register for and attend ABA TECHSHOW. But this presentation is much more than a list of cool and useful websites for lawyers. It is performance art, and an invitation to speak on this panel is a coveted assignment for the TECHSHOW speakers. The featured sites begin with useful and often obscure web resources, and then move on to the ridiculous and entertaining. One will rarely, if ever, hear this much laughter in a CLE presentation.

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