January 01, 2012

Road Warrior: Mobile Data Security for Lawyers

Jeffrey Allen

As the capacity of our electronic devices grows, we tend to rely on them more and more. As we increase that reliance, we trust them with an increasing amount of sensitive, if not critical, data. As our electronics shrink in size, while concurrently expanding in capacity, we have come to carry them with us more and more often and to a larger selection of places. When, for example, did you last go to court, to dinner, to the office, home, shopping, or on a vacation without carrying your mobile phone? How often do you carry an iPad or other tablet device (or an eReader) that, in addition to whatever other functions it has, stores personal data and/or confidential information? Do you take public transportation to work and use your electronics during the commute? Simply put, data security has evolved into an area that should interest all attorneys, even those who do not do much long-distance traveling.

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