January 01, 2012

The Chair's Corner: Helping Kids in Need of Defense

Laura V. Farber

I know there are many vulnerable groups of people in the world and no end to important causes to support with either your valuable time or other assistance. But one cause—one group of particularly vulnerable people—really touched my heart and stood out from the rest when I first learned about their plight. This was in part because I knew that I—and we, as the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division—could really make a difference in their lives and be part of a movement to change the treatment of an often-invisible group of young people in our country.

I am talking about children who come to the United States without a parent or legal guardian. These “unaccompanied children” come from countries across the world to seek a safe haven and freedom from fear, severe abuse, persecution, civil conflict, abandonment, or desperate poverty.

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