April 03, 2019

Starting Your Social Space

Not sure where to begin when building your social space? Below are some websites that can help you get started—and some tips to bear in mind when using them.

Several websites make it easy to set up and maintain your own blog:
www.wordpress.org (self-hosted and recommended)

Facebook (www.facebook.com)
You’ll first want to create a Personal Profile for yourself—but not for your firm (this is against Facebook’s Terms of Use, www.facebook.com/terms.php). Instead, create a “Fan”/”Business” Facebook page.

LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com)
Create an optimized/business-oriented profile that still maintains your personality.

Twitter (www.twitter.com)
Twitter is a very social platform and moves quickly. This may or may not be right for your firm.

Quora (http://www.quora.com/)
This is a new, excellent platform where questions and answers are created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it.