July 31, 2011

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Searching for additional resources to help answer your questions about credit? Take a look at the ABA publications and CLE packages below, and check out the helpful links to website resources hosted by the GPSolo Division and the ABA. To order any of the products listed below, call the ABA Service Center at 800/285-2221 or visit our website.


Attorney Liability in Bankruptcy

By Corinne Cooper and Catherine E. Vance (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2006; PC 5150415; $94.95; GP­Solo member price $79.95)
The book is a comprehensive review of the provisions of the Bankruptcy Reform Act and provides everything you need to know to comply with the law.


Bankruptcy for Non-Bankruptcy Lawyers (Online Course)

By Christopher R. Kaup, Rinky S. Parwani, and Marc S. Stern  (ABA Center for CLE, General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2011; PC CET11BNBOLC; $129; ABA member price $109; GPSolo member price $89)
The program addresses the problems of a non-bankruptcy lawyer when faced with a bankruptcy by the opposing party in a lawsuit or a business transaction. It also addresses how to advise the client who is contemplating bankruptcy and avoid becoming a “debt relief agency.” Also available in CD and MP3 formats. Running time: 89 minutes; credit hours: 1.50.


Credit Card Lawsuits: Prosecuting and Defending (Online Course)

By Robert L. Hyde, Benjamin K. Sanchez, and Joshua B. Swigart (ABA Center for CLE, General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2010; PC CET10CCLI; $129; ABA member price $109; GPSolo member price $89)
This program provides information on prosecuting and defending credit card lawsuits. In addition, the panel discusses defenses, counterclaims, and other means to defend a credit card collection case. Also available in CD and MP3 formats. Running time: 88 minutes; credit hours: 1.50.


Current Issues in Mortgage Foreclosures (Online Course)

By Christopher Brown, Amy Clark Kleinpeter, and Kenneth Yudell (ABA Center for CLE, General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2010; PC CET10CIMI; $129; ABA member price $109; GPSolo member price $89)
This panel discusses what’s happening today in mortgage foreclosure defense and how you can use these defenses to protect your clients and their assets. Also available in CD and MP3 formats. Running time: 89 minutes; credit hours: 1.50.


Lawyer’s Guide to Modern Payment Methods: ACH, Credit, Debit and More

By Frederick H. Miller (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2007; PC 5150418; $59.95; GP­Solo member price $49.95)
Using a detailed, hypothetical transaction, this book introduces you to the complex rules governing modern payment methods. The book includes research resources, checklists, forms, and agreements to support the method of payment as well as valuable charts and illustrations outlining the process for each payment method.


Letters for Bankruptcy Lawyers: Essential Communication for Clients, Creditors, Opposing Counsel and Others

By Joel Pelofsky and Marc S. Stern (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2005; PC 5150413; $55; GP­Solo member price $40)
This book is written for every lawyer who practices or advises clients on consumer bankruptcy law. It contains the critical letters and forms you need to comply with the changes made by the new bankruptcy law.


Minding Your Own Business: The Solo and Small Firm Lawyer’s Guide to a Profitable Practice

By Ann M. Guinn (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2010; PC 5150441; $125; GP­Solo member price $99.95)
Solo and small firm lawyers often get caught in the crossfire of practicing law and managing a business at the same time. This book helps you learn to master the key elements of running a small firm, from finance to marketing, to anticipating clients’ needs.


American Bar Association Guide to Credit and
Bankruptcy, Second Edition

(ABA Publishing; 2009; PC 2350259; $16.99; ABA member price $14.50)
This book offers information during these challenging financial times on how to apply for, build, and protect your credit and to make the right choices when it comes to debt management and bankruptcy. This updated edition includes recent changes in bankruptcy laws as well as information on how to handle credit card rates, home equity loans, and more.


Changing the Rules for the Credit Industry (MP3 Audio Download)

By James L. Brown, Robert S. Green, Oliver I. Ireland, and Ben Woolsey (ABA Center for CLE; 2010; PC CEJ10CTRPOD; $50; ABA member price: free)
Join our panel of experts from both the consumer protection and banking perspectives as they discuss the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act’s effects, limitations, and implications for further legislation in this area. Running time: 57 minutes; credit hours: 1.


Client Trust Accounts: Ethics, Management, Retainer Agreements and Fee Disputes (Online Course)

By Sheila M. Blackford, Carla J. Freudenburg, Daniel Schumack, and Saul Jay Singer (ABA Center for CLE, The Center for Professional Responsibility; 2010; PC CET10CTAI; $129; ABA member price $109)
Learn to identify when and why you must set up separate client trust, IOLTA, and operating accounts; how to handle the accounts; and what to do when faced with a fee dispute. Our expert panel provides tips for drafting ethical retainer agreements and techniques for effectively managing your operating and client trust accounts. Also available in CD and MP3 formats. Running time: 90 minutes; credit hours: 1.5; ethics hours: 1.5.


Foreclosures, Debt Collection & Other High Volume Areas of Practice: The Ethical Perils of Partnering With NonLawyers (Online Course)

By Elizabeth Clark Talbert, Kenneth M. Mogill, and Victoria Vuletich  (ABA Center for CLE, The Center for Professional Responsibility, Young Lawyers Division; 2011; PC CET11FDHOLC; $129; ABA member price $109)
This program will bring you up to date as to the ethical considerations applicable to teaming with non­lawyers; provide you with information critical to effective and ethical partnering; and explore the mistakes that can cause discipline problems. Also available in CD and MP4 formats. Running time: 59 minutes; credit hours: 1; ethics hours: 1.


The Portable Bankruptcy Code & Rules, 2011 Edition

By Sally McDonald Henry (ABA Business Law Section; 2011; PC 5070646; $94.95)
This convenient and updated portable compendium provides you with easy access to the Bankruptcy Code and Rule provisions including all the new changes that became effective through December 2010.



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