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Searching for additional resources to help your solo practice or small firm compete in a big world? Take a look at the ABA publications and CLE packages below, and check out the helpful links to website resources hosted by the GPSolo Division and the ABA. To order any of the products listed below, call the ABA Service Center at 800/285-2221 or visit our website at

The Globalized Lawyer: Secrets to Managing Outsourcing, Joint Ventures and Other Cross-Border Transactions
By David A. Steiger
(ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2008; PC 5150421; $69.95; GPSolo member price $59.95)
This practical, step-by-step guide incorporates the advice and insights of more than two dozen leading experts to help you prepare for, negotiate, and implement a new cross-border operation, including both the legal and business considerations involved.

A Primer on U.S. Immigration Law: Issue Spotting, Hypotheticals, and Deciding to Become an Immigration Attorney (Online Course)
By Russell Abrutyn, Amy Novick, and Alice M. Yardum-
(ABA Center for CLE, General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2010; PC CET10USLI; $129; ABA member price $109; GPSolo member price $89)
Learn the major concepts in immigration law with a view toward issue spotting to better refer prospective clients or to help you decide whether you may wish to practice immigration law yourself. Running time: 84 minutes; credit hours: 1.50.

ABA Guide to Foreign Law Firms, Fifth Edition
By James R. Silkenat and William M. Hannay
(ABA Section of International Law; 2010; PC 5210212; $64.95)
This new and updated reference is designed to help both U.S. and non-U.S. lawyers in identifying qualified legal counsel in the many foreign jurisdictions with which such lawyers are likely to come into contact, particularly those in countries emerging as significant factors in international commercial transactions.

ABA Guide to International Business Negotiations: A Comparison of Cross-Cultural Issues and Successful Approaches, Third Edition
By James R. Silkenat, Jeffrey M. Aresty, and Jacqueline Klosek
(ABA Section of International Law; 2009; PC 5210205; $169.95)
This updated, expanded edition provides valuable assistance in dealing with common questions encountered in dealing with a transnational business case. It provides more on the fundamental international negotiation strategies that every lawyer should know before going into the new, e-commerce based international negotiations.

Careers in International Law, Third Edition
Edited by Salli A. Swartz
(ABA Section of International Law; 2008; PC 5210200; $69.95)
This third edition of a best seller is an essential resource for law students and lawyers interested in a career in international law, irrespective of age, experience, nationality, residence, or practice area. The book’s four parts cover foreign practice, private sector, public sector, and practice tips and methodology.

China Law Deskbook: A Legal Guide for Foreign-
Invested Enterprises, Third Edition

By James M. Zimmerman
(ABA Section of International Law; 2010; PC 5210201; $234.95)
The third edition of this bestselling book covers, in plain English, the new and amended laws, regulations, and governmental policies that impact foreign investment and trade with China.

The Criminal Lawyer’s Guide to Immigration Law:
Questions and Answers, Second Edition

By Robert J. McWhirter
(ABA Criminal Justice Section; 2006; PC 5090100; $114.95)
This concise guide focuses on the criminal lawyer’s most common questions about immigration law and representing noncitizens. The answers are clear and carefully focused and in most instances direct you to specific cases or more in-depth resources.

Immigration Law: A Guide to Laws and Regulations
By Marc R. Generazio
(ABA Book Publishing; 2011; PC 1620459; $74.95; ABA member price $59.95)
This comprehensive guide to the complex U.S. immigration system provides a unique, thorough, and accessible explanation of immigration laws and regulations in a compact, portable design.

International Guide to Combating Cybercrime
By Jody R. Westby
(ABA Section of Science and Technology Law; 2003; PC 5450030I; $39.97)
This comprehensive guide serves as a manual for developed and developing countries alike and will help all stakeholders better understand the key aspects of cybercrime.

International Labor and Employment Law 101 (Online Course)
By Mark S. Dichter, Matt Finkin, David Glanstein, Manuel Martinez-Herrera, Anne M. Radolinski, and Mary Williams
(ABA Center for CLE, Section of International Law, Section of Labor and Employment Law; 2010; PC CET10ILEI; $129; ABA member price $109)
This program focuses on the international labor and employment issues that U.S. lawyers most frequently come across. Running time: 88 minutes; credit hours: 1.50.

International Trademarks and Copyrights: Enforcement and Management
By John T. Masterson Jr.
(ABA Section of International Law; 2004; PC 5210136; $99.95)
This volume provides practical advice to nonspecialist lawyers about successfully enforcing and managing trademarks and copyrights internationally. Both import-and export-related enforcement issues are addressed.

Joint Ventures in the International Arena, Second Edition
By Darrell Prescott and Salli A. Swartz
(ABA Section of International Law; 2010; PC 5210209; $109.95)
This updated second edition provides practical assistance to lawyers dealing with transnational business agreements.

Negotiating and Structuring International Commercial Transactions, Second Edition
By Mark R. Sandstrom and David N. Goldsweig
(ABA Section of International Law; 2002; PC 5210133; $149.95)
This expanded edition covers the wide range of issues that may arise when negotiating and managing international business relationships—processes that present problems and obstacles that executives do not ordinarily encounter in purely domestic dealings.


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