April 03, 2019

Common Multiple-Language Contracts

There are numerous circumstances in which solos and small law firms may find themselves faced with a multilingual contract. Among the most common:

  • Sales or purchase agreements between U.S. and foreign entities.
  • Representation of manufacturers using foreign sourcing agents to manufacture component parts at a discount.
  • Representation of manufacturers exporting goods, who need contracts drafted to foreign distributors or foreign sales agents.
  • Representation of distributors or sales agents performing services for foreign manufacturers.
  • Employment or independent contractor/service agreements where a party performs services outside the or performs services for a foreign entity.
  • Joint venture agreements between and foreign entities.
  • Globe-trotting clients who marry a foreign individual and desire a prenuptial or postnuptial contract.
  • Tort claims against foreign entities where a contract appears to limit liability.


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