September 12, 2018

Artificial Intelligence for the Small and Solo Law Firm

Moderator: Lynn A. Howell, Houston, TX, Chair, GPSolo Programs Board
David Curle, Director, Market Intelligence, Thomson Reuters Legal, Eagan, MN
Recorded September 12, 2018
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This session will look at the ways Artificial Intelligence is already becoming mainstream in legal practice – even for small and solo firms. We will begin with a quick overview of AI technologies and review the state of the art of AI in legal services. David Curle from Thomson Reuters’ Legal Executive Institute will introduce and demystify the application of artificial intelligence technologies to legal practice. He will define some of the terms and the different forms of AI in use today, and identify AI applications we use every day outside our legal work (often without knowing it). Finally, he will focus on the many ways small and solo firms can take advantage of some of the commercially available AI-based solutions on the market today. Technology can level the playing field for smaller firms if applied intelligently to the needs of a practice.

Written Transcript