May 06, 2019

Law Student Benefits

Thank you for exploring opportunities with GPSolo! GPSolo is the national voice for solo, small firm and general practice lawyers, providing a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive ABA home.

GPSolo offers unique benefits to law students, including access to resources and a network of legal professionals. Plus, GPSolo membership for law students is FREE!

We hope you consider making GPSolo your ABA home today!

Once you've taken advantage of GPSolo's free membership for law students, you will have access to our Law Student Welcome Kit for exclusive information to help you find that dream job or thrive in your coursework.

In the Law Student Welcome Kit, you'll find the tools to:

  • Wow employers in the interview
  • Brief a case the right way
  • Take better notes in class

GPSolo members can access the welcome kit here: Law Student Welcome Kit

Law Student Mentoring Program

While most mentoring programs are based on occasional meetings between seasoned practitioners and young lawyers, GPSolo’s Law Student Mentoring Certificate Program does more. Fill the gaps of a traditional law school education by getting a mentor now! See the documents below for more information or contact

Helpful Links

Law student rates of severe depression and anxiety are increasing rapidly. In fact, between 20-40% of law students graduate with clinical depression.

To respond to this worrying trend, the ABA's Law Student Division has created a Law Student Mental Health Toolkit for Student Bar Associations and Administrators to help improve the mental health of today's law students.

Read through the Toolkit, discuss the Mental Health Initiative with your friends and classmates, and implement programs on your campus to address law student mental health issues.

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GPSolo members may join up to three of the Division’s nearly 50 substantive committees, including the Law Student Committee. GPSolo’s Law Student Committee is a great opportunity for law students to learn more aebout leadership in the Division and the ABA.

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From Law School to Lawyer

This book will guide new attorneys (the 4L) through the transition from a law student who has passed the bar to a lawyer actually practicing law.