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Committee membership offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas and gain insight from other practitioners who share your interests and expertise. It also allows you to receive timely information on developments in your practice area.

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GPSolo Connect is a space for you to interact with other GPSolo members and committees through discussion boards, content sharing, and much more. It is the primary method for GPSolo committees to communicate and share resources. See below for a description of and links to communities in GPSolo Connect.

Business Law Group

GPSolo Women's Initiative Network (WIN)

Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) advances, promotes and educates members of the Division about issues facing women in the legal profession. WIN fosters an environment of support for women in the Division by creating networking opportunities, mentoring relationships and educational programming.

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Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee

This Committee is responsible for providing leadership in coordinating the Division’s efforts regarding lawyer ethics, discipline, and professionalism including the study of issues involving professional ethics, discipline and professionalism; promotion of high standards of ethics and professionalism for our constituency; providing information, education and analysis of current issues in ethics and professionalism; and assisting the Council in dealing with ethics and professionalism issues.

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Military Lawyers Committee

This committee is responsible for encouraging participation in the Division by military lawyers, serving as the voice of the military lawyer within the Division, and coordinating communication between the Division and the military. The Committee monitors developments in the area of military law and educates the Division about those issues.

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Judiciary Committee

This committee responsible for coordinating the Division’s communication with its members who are judges, for assisting judges who are members of the Division in performing their judicial duties, and for providing advice and guidance to the Division leadership on issues affecting the judiciary.

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Litigation Group

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