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About the GPSolo Ambassador Program

The Power of YOU

One of the best ways for GPSolo to share info about our programs and resources is through YOU - our members. When you share your experiences with your colleagues and friends you not only expand our reach but also add credibility and a personal touch to our messages. The good news is that it is easy to help spread to word about the Division - simply serve as a GPSolo Ambassador!

How to Serve As a GPSolo Ambassador

Serving as a GPSolo Ambassador is easy and requires no sign up. All you have to do help us spread the word in a way that works for you! We've provided suggestions for ways to share information about the Division below, but please share your experiences with friends and colleagues any chance you get!

Engage on Social Media

Step 1: Follow Us

The first step to helping spread the word about GPSolo on social media is to follow us on the platforms listed below!

  • Facebook
    GPSolo keeps an active presence on Facebook with daily posts about Division programs and resources. Sharing our posts or tagging us in your posts is a great way to expand our reach!
  • Twitter
    Our popular Twitter account helps us share updates on our programs and events. We also love to promote GPSolo members on Twitter!
  • LinkedIn
    GPSolo has a growing presence on LinkedIn! In addition to engaging with our Division posts, this is a great place to share info about your practice!
  • YouTube 
    GPSolo regularly posts videos on our YouTube channel featuring recording programs or member interviews!

Step 2: Set Up Alerts

Most social media platforms will provide ways to set up alerts or notifications when GPSolo posts - so you never miss an opportunity to share!

Step 3: Like, Comment, and Share

The more likes, comments, and shares that GPSolo social media posts receive, the more current and potential Division members will see!

Step 4: Tag GPSolo

If you are creating your own post that you think might be relevant to other GPSolo members, tag GPSolo's profile!

Step 5: Promote Your ABA Membership

Add the ABA Member logo to your email signature and other marketing materials and show the world you're backed by one of the largest legal networks in the United States.

Calls to Action

Program-Specific Outreach

GPSolo sends out "Call to Action" emails for certain events, programs, and resources that outline specific steps you can take to help us increase attendance or engagement. Keep an eye out for these emails and participate every chance you get!

Participate in the GPSolo Mentoring Group

The GPSolo Mentoring Group provides an online discussion platform where members can ask questions, find mentors, and grow their networks. We are ALWAYS looking for experienced members to join the group to help give back to fellow solo and small firm attorneys looking for advice and guidance.

In-Person Outreach

Tell Your Colleagues and Friends About GPSolo

Attending a professional conference? Meeting a colleague for lunch? Sharing your experience with GPSolo with friends and colleagues is not only a great recruitment tool, it can also help you strengthen your network! GPSolo is a wonderful place to cultivate friendships and support networks. Check out the downloadable resources below to share!

GPSolo Ambassador Resources

  • About GPSolo: A flyer highlighting GPSolo's mission and our many member benefits.
  • Featured ABA Benefits: A flyer highlighting some of the ABA benefits designed specifically for solo and small firm members.