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November 21, 2022

State Bar Government Lawyer Groups

State Bar Government Lawyer Groups:

Colorado Bar Association Government Counsel Section

Delaware State Bar Association Government and Consumer Law Section

The Florida Bar Government Lawyers Section

Georgia State Bar Association's Government Attorney's Section

Idaho State Bar Government and Public Sector Lawyers

Illinois State Bar Association Government Lawyer Committee

Indiana State Bar Association's Governmental Practice Section

Kansas Bar Association Government Lawyers Section

Kentucky Bar Association Local Government Law Section

Louisiana State Bar Association Government and Public Law Section

Maine State Bar Association's Government and Public Sector Law Section

Maryland State Bar Association State and Local Government Law Section

Massachusetts Bar Association Public Law Section

Minnesota Bar Public Lawyers Section

The Mississippi Bar Government Law Section

The Missouri Bar Government Attorneys Committee

State Bar of Montana's Public Law Section

New Jersey State Bar Association Local Government Law Section

North Dakota Bar's Administrative and Government Lawyer's Section

Oregon State Bar Association's Government Law Section

Pennsylvania State Bar Association Government Lawyers Committee

Rhode Island Bar's Government Lawyers Committee

South Carolina State Bar Association Government Law Section

Texas State Bar's Administrative and Public Law Section

State Bar of Texas Government Law Section

Utah State Bar Government Law Section

Virginia State Bar Local Government Law Section

West Virginia State Bar Government Lawyers Committee

Wisconsin Bar Government Lawyers Division