Why Can’t I Get It All Done?

Strategies For Increasing Your Productivity

By Anne Dewey-Balzhiser

In the current economic climate, employers are downsizing and expecting the remaining staff to pick up the slack. The resulting job insecurity and larger workloads usually mean increased stress and decreased efficiency for the remaining workforce. Even under normal conditions, productivity is not always optimal. Most of us have had days when all we can do is stare at a pile of assignments or other times when we multi-task our day away without accomplishing anything significant. Lawyers, whose work requires intellectual heft and the exercise of judgment, are more prone to be influenced by obstacles to productivity. It’s important to examine these obstacles and find strategies to overcome them.

What are some of the factors that get in the way of completing assignments?

  • Communication technology that creates a continual focus on voice/email/text messages;
  • Lots of insignificant tasks that are distracting; and
  • Challenging projects that seem overwhelming.
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